The Medically Integrated App PBS Certified Powered by The Vericle Engine*

Welcome to the Future

The ONLY Proven and Certified App for PBS Medically Integrated Practices

The ultimate and ONLY cloud-based practice management system built 100% for PBS clients. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits our users experience:

  • Custom PBS Software:
  • Scheduling
  • Billing*
  • Optional Billing Service with On-Site Practice Assessment and Implementation***
  • A/R time reduced by up to 90%!**
  • Payments in as little as 3 days from DOS!**
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*MIA is not owned by PBS
**Results vary but we place a 100% guarantee on RESULTS

Dr. Steve Peyroux

"Teaming up with Vericle and Billing Dynamix allowed us to finally work with a team that has enough depth and breadth to accommodate my client's needs. Our focus was on creating a product that:

  • Allows practices to manage centrally
  • Outsource billing with confidence
  • Maximize patient outcomes and compliance"

Dr. John McIntyre

"Thanks to the Medically Integrated App, I was able to simplify my entire office flow. My staff automatically gets tasks on patient needs as they are cared for without manually assigning them. Our results are amazing:

  • 90% reduction in overall A/R
  • Daily notes under 30 seconds
  • Case management automated"